Safety related assemblies

Safety – made by KOHLHAGE

Safety is the top priority, especially in the automotive sector. A distinction is made here between “crash-relevant” and “safety-relevant” areas of application. KOHLHAGE is at home in both fields. For example, KOHLHAGE manufactures assemblies for steering column adjustment in vehicles. Such assemblies must withstand defined forces and always function.

This results in two essential requirements:
– Quality of the products
– Documentation of the production process

Guaranteeing the consistent quality of an assembly is a matter of course for KOHLHAGE. The company has invested heavily in documentation processes. For a long time now, all the necessary testing facilities have been available in-house and some of them have been integrated directly into the production process. For example, special cameras already check the dimensional accuracy of products during production and ensure compliance with predefined tolerance ranges. The fact that KOHLHAGE can provide micrographs of welds and upsets as well as the results of destructive testing procedures before actual production has even started makes it clear how important safety is at KOHLHAGE.