Machine park expansion at KOHLHAGE!

High-quality solutions for fastening technology

From the very beginning, dealing with fasteners was a central part of the KOHLHAGE business. The focus was on the sale of standard parts. Many trade contacts from that time still bear witness to this today.

However, since 2007 KOHLHAGE Fasteners has experienced a fast-paced evolution. Since then KOHLHAGE Fasteners has become a sought-after specialist for complex tasks in the field of fastening technology with a special focus on application technology consulting.

KOHLHAGE engineers and technicians specialized in screw technology develop individual solutions together with customers from different industries whenever complex and sometimes difficult to solve problems in fastening technology are involved.

The KOHLHAGE specialists benefit from the fact that they are familiar with all common production processes, so that they can recommend the most favourable and efficient production variant to the customer in addition to the solution. KOHLHAGE customers appreciate this.