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Emission technology from KOHLHAGE Automotive

Vacuum or electric?

Exhaust flaps that are installed in the rear silencers of modern vehicles today are usually electronically driven. Actuators that work with negative pressure are relatively rare. For KOHLHAGE, this makes no difference, as the specialists there are proficient in both technologies. Much more important, however, is the fact that exhaust gas flaps from KOHLHAGE have other significant advantages over a large number of competitor products:
Lower weight
KOHLHAGE exhaust gas dampers are designed as tubular assemblies. This makes them considerably lighter than those made of die-cast.

Higher temperatures
KOHLHAGE exhaust flaps can withstand temperatures of up to 900 °C due to their design. This is particularly important for high-performance applications.

Low parts list
KOHLHAGE exhaust gas dampers are configured and manufactured on the basis of a modular design principle. This leads to an optimum common parts strategy.

Low bill of materials
The tooling costs alone for die-cast products are so high that small and very small batches cannot be produced economically. At KOHLHAGE, the smallest series starts at approx. 1000 pieces. Vehicle manufacturers who want to produce exotic models on such a scale therefore have the ideal partner in KOHLHAGE.