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Functional assemblies made of tubes

In the past, perhaps 20 years ago, KOHLHAGE was known for its ability to bend pipes. In the course of time KOHLHAGE engineers refined this production know-how continuously and well-known car manufacturers have became aware of the experts from Neuenrade. The first orders were received and KOHLHAGE products were included in ongoing automotive series production and have become a permanent feature in the meantime.

Based on this expertise and demand from the market, KOHLHAGE Automotive made enormous financial and organisational changes. From the start, the focus was on three goals:
– Complex assemblies and geometries
– Complete automation
– Process reliability from the first to the millionth part

Achieving these goals was the next milestone in the company’s development.  Today KOHLHAGE Automotive is known for its high level of consulting skills, speed in decision-making and flexibility in implementation. Here, KOHLHAGE technicians support the developer on the customer side in the run-up to a series product. Thanks to their experience, they can help design the desired geometries with process reliability at an early stage in the project.