Valve technology

Flexible, modular construction kit

If you look at a car or motorcycle from the outside, you cannot see them: Exhaust gas valves of KOHLHAGE. And yet they are installed in many models of well-known manufacturers.  One might ask the question: Why does a company that is otherwise known in the field of pipe assemblies manufacture such products?  The answer is very simple: Because KOHLHAGE has excellent knowledge of pipe assemblies. This was the reason for the first order years ago, which has been followed by countless others to date.

In the past, exhaust gas valves were produced on the basis of castings. These were relatively heavy and the machining of the parts was complex and expensive. So, when looking for alternatives, it was obvious to use pipe sections instead of castings. KOHLHAGE solutions have convinced the customers, especially because KOHLHAGE technicians have developed a modular system with which large as well as small series runs can be produced cost-effectively. At the same time, the production of KOHLHAGE exhaust gas valves is carried out in fully automated flexible manufacturing cells.

A further advantage: Needless to say, KOHLHAGE keeps the validation equipment necessary for quality assurance readily available.