Vaccination campaign at KOHLHAGE

Small picks – big effect

The management sets a good example
Last week, a large voluntary vaccination campaign against Covid-19 took place at KOHLHAGE. Marc Schreiber, Managing Director, was one of the first to be vaccinated by the company doctor. Afterwards, the employees were first given detailed advice and received their picks with the syringe.
“This was possible because the Federal Ministry of Health decided in May: Company doctors are also allowed to vaccinate. We took advantage of this opportunity and coordinated the vaccination appointments for the employees of the entire KOHLHAGE Group in a short time,” says Ina Bieling, responsible for human resources at KOHLHAGE. “The organisation was not without its challenges. But I had energetic support from a team of three other employees. Everyone did a good job, now relief is spreading – in my team and among the employees.”