TECDAY 2022- interesting talks and great highlights.

On Wednesday, 07.09.2022, the time had come again; after a break of two years, the TEC DAY of Expertise Sauerland finally took place again. For a whole day there were exciting conversations, interesting lectures and a great atmosphere.

Lectures- exciting and versatile
12 lectures were held on a wide variety of topics, such as bottlenecks on the raw materials market, sustainable production in the plastics industry, or current trends in forming technology. The speakers came from well-known companies or associations and presented the current topics to the visitors in an exciting way.

There was a surprising interruption in the afternoon. A fire alarm in the building sounded and the local fire department arrived. Thus, the ongoing lecture was interrupted and all guests were escorted outside. Fortunately, the fire department found no reason for the fire alarm. Thus, all participants had at least a short trip outside and could soak up some sun. Once the fire department had given the all clear, the lecture could then continue as normal and everything resumed its planned course.

Fun and excitement at the end

Afterwards, there were several highlights. The insider tour of the Hockenheimring was informative and very interesting. The e-kart race was also very well received and the participants had a lot of fun. Since the e-karts provided had a lot of power, the races were also very fast-paced and exciting to watch.

The third highlight was the raffle, which was carried out by our moderator in the racing suit of Expertise Sauerland. Here there was a Race&Roll to win. Five lucky winners had the pleasure to explore the Hockenheimring in a fast car with a professional racing driver next to them. Then it was the turn of the said racing driver to show the winners how to drive properly on the Hockenheimring. All five participants were very enthusiastic and couldn’t get the grin off their faces.

Finally, there was a joint dinner, with which this exciting day then ended comfortably.

All in all, it was a very nice event for all participants and we are already looking forward to the next time!