Save the date: EUROGUSS 2022

The trade fair has already been postponed twice – now it will take place: EUROGUSS runs from 08 – 10 June in Nuremberg and KOHLHAGE Automotive is there as an exhibitor.

The theme of the trade fair, which is taking place for the 14th time, is “Die Casting”. Companies from all over the world present their products and solutions to an international trade audience. KOHLHAGE Automotive is right in the middle of it and is exhibiting at the fair.

What does KOHLHAGE Automotive have to do with die casting, you might now ask. The answer is simple: KOHLHAGE Automotive produces, among other things, media-carrying piping and press-fit nozzles for the automotive industry. Depending on the intended use, media-carrying pipelines are sometimes completely encased in liquid metal, aluminium or other metals, in the die-casting process, so that in the end only the pipe ends or the connections for the counterpart protrude from the finished casting. This is because casting in the media-carrying pipelines saves time-consuming machining of the cast part so that the necessary channels can be worked into the interior.

Such cast-in pipes have been around for a long time. And yet the KOHLHAGE Automotive solutions are more innovative, different and often better. Why? Usually, pouring tubes are completely filled with salt before bending and pouring. Behind this is the desire to avoid both tube collapse during bending and tube collapse during pouring. However, after the pouring process, the salt must also be removed from the pipe without leaving any residue – a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Not to mention the ecological burden.

KOHLHAGE Automotive engineers have developed solutions that massively reduce the amount of pipe waste during bending. Based on decades of experience with the production of media-carrying pipelines, these can be dimensioned during product development in such a way that collapsing of the pipe during the casting process is also avoided – without having to use additional aids.

KOHLHAGE Automotive will be presenting a whole range of pouring tubes at the trade fair and is looking forward to welcoming visitors to Nuremberg to find out more.

The KOHLHAGE Automotive team in Hall 7, Stand 7-643, is looking forward to your visit.