Why this is important for the American market

“Tesla is building the Model Y for the European market in Grünheide in Brandenburg. We received an enquiry from there for so-called ground parts,” says Tim Höffner, Product Manager at KOHLHAGE Fasteners and Managing Director of the Mexico branch. “Whoever dares wins, I thought to myself, and asked whether the part might also be interesting for the American market.”

The answer came quickly and was positive. The necessary tooling was already in the works and so it was obvious that KOHLHAGE Fasteners would be able to deliver quickly and directly to Tesla in the Gigafactory there in Texas. Because production for the Model Y is already starting there.

“Since the summer of 2021, we have also been represented on the American continent, with our branch in Mexico. This means we can deliver products from there directly to the USA without any major customs problems. The only challenge with this project was the quantity. Our bulk part weighs only 125 grams. But the customer’s weekly demand is 60,000 parts. That adds up to 7.5 tonnes per week. But we at KOHLHAGE Fasteners are used to being able to deliver even large quantities reliably. This convinced the customer and so we are now a supplier for Texas. Without a local site on the American continent, we would never have received this order.” Höffner is pleased. “And believe me, other US customers are also looking for reliable suppliers like us. We will win a few more such orders for ourselves – and in this way secure jobs here in Germany.”